Oh, that man…! Why do I let him get to me like this! I never get mad at people this quickly!

1001 reasons why they belongEdit

  1. Because Roland is the start of everything (AKA the main Main Adventure). [Something awful happened today… though it led to something amazing and mysterious.]
  2. Because of the way he moves. [The intruder sags his shoulders, as though defeated – then lunges forward, gliding past without even brushing her arm. She rushes to follow him – and finds herself at a loss.]
  3. Because it is love at first sight (okay, second sight since she couldn't see him properly the first time). [Why am I spending so much time talking about Roland?]
  4. Because he is mysterious and she loves solving mysteries. [It’s really hard to be sure about anything with this guy!]
  5. Because of the accent. [The accent is King’s English, his vowels dripping with the gentility of the monied boroughs of London.]
  6. Because he is interested in her (professionally, but perhaps personally as well?) [Your parents are rather famous where I work… which means you are too.]
  7. Because he understands her very well. [I could have lost those goons on my own, but why deny you the pleasure of taking them down? You obviously enjoyed yourself.]
  8. Because she lets him get away with things that she would call others out for. [He made me waste a perfectly good glass of Qasab, nearly got me killed, and didn’t even introduce me to his pal!]
  9. Because she quite clearly enjoys his attention. [On deck, I was treated to some enjoyable terrible flirting from an English man who… seemed familiar somehow.]
  10. Because of his epic pick-up line. [For a moment, it seemed like you didn’t remember me. I suppose you see this same dumb-struck look in the eyes of so many men. Ah, the curse of beauty.]
  11. Because he can make her laugh. [*snort* That… that just may be the worst opening line I’ve ever heard!]
  12. Because, despite being a dangerous stranger, she obviously cares for him. [Still, the whole incident really upset me, and I began to wonder if I was getting in over my head and risking both our lives.]
  13. Because she is starting to get butterflies in her stomach at the thought of their next meeting. [I’m not sure if I’m excited or apprehensive about Roland’s promise to see me later… ]
  14. Because of the pet names. [his: darling, love, beautiful, my girl, sweetheart, my dear; hers: big boy]
  15. Because he just knows how to push her buttons. [You must be curious. Dark, unknown parts of history, waiting to be discovered. Tempting with forbidden knowledge of mysterious times.]
  16. Because they share the same queer and macabre sense of humour. [You’d be surprised. Death-trapped doormats are all the rage in London this year./Oh you’re a card…]
  17. Because he can see through her in an instant. [Liar. A bad one at that.]
  18. Because they balance each other out. [But I have to thank you for helping me keep my cool.]
  19. Because she just gets him. [Your mind just broke from all the possible puns one could respond with, didn’t it…?]
  20. Because her safety is his main concern. [When she opens her eyes, she finds him crouched over her, doing his best to shield her with his own body.]
  21. Because he believes in her. [Because you’ve gotten us this far.]
  22. Because a strong strapping man is always attractive. [Are those muscles, or baseballs he’s got stuffed in his sleeves?!]
  23. Because he is charismatic and inspiring. [You certainly seem to have a way to bring out good things in people.]
  24. Because she really impresses him. [You really are a marvel, love.]
  25. Because, unbeknownst to her, she has saved him. [What do you mean? He sounds rather at peace with his work./Was he really? He sounds lonely to me.]
  26. Because he is willing to risk his job, or even his life, for her. [If you say so… it’s your head, not mine.]
  27. Because, even if he makes a play of it, he does get jealous. [Whoever he is, I’m bitterly jealous. Paid to be in your company!]
  28. Because her father's mentor approves of him. [Very attentive young fellow, always seems like he’s looking for something. Smart boy, should probably know the museum inside and out by now.]
  29. Because her first thought on how to get close to him (albeit to investigate the haul from his heist) is: My sweeeeeeet embraaaaaaaaaaaaceable yooooooouuu!
  30. Because he is really good at what he does. [Smoothly, he sweeps the artifact out of her arms, and starts jogging back to the hotel.]
  31. Because he is able to get her boiling like no other. [Hey! Get back here! OooooOOOoooohhh… !]
  32. Because Aunt Evelyn approves of him too. [Oh, look! It’s one of Sadie’s handsome friends!]
  33. Because he is willing to help her out, no matter how silly the matter. [I may be able to help you there.]
  34. Because he is a romantic at heart. [Suddenly, hands slap over Sadie’s eyes./Guess who!]
  35. Because she gets his pulse up. [Be still, my beating heart.]
  36. Because what he wants for her is wonderfully different. [There are things I can’t always tell you, but all I want for you is a long and interesting life.]
  37. Because she is willing to cause trouble for his sake. [I am a terrible person. I am a terrible person.]
  38. Because of his Freudian slip. [Evans may be in it for your ravishing good looks, but that’s not his master’s motivation.]
  39. Because she worries for him. [But I also don’t want him to shoot them at anyone I know!]
  40. Because her heart beats for him. [Well, well. Someone’s heart must have guided her to us.]
  41. Because he never wanted to deny her. [I have no desire to deny you anything.]
  42. Because he does appreciate her beauty. [By the by, you look smashing when you’re not pretending to be drunk.]
  43. Because she gets easily flustered by him. [Huh?! Wh-what’re you saying?! Don’t embarrass me like that!]
  44. Because he worries for her too. [This is no place for you, Sadie.]
  45. Because she is probably the only person who can change his mind. [That’s – you know what, I give up.]
  46. Because when it comes to adventures, she is just like him. [Oh come on. It’ll be an adventure!]
  47. Because, even when she thinks he is a criminal, she still doesn't want to harm him. [But… and I know it’s kind of late to be asking this… is this going to get you in trouble?]
  48. Because she categorizes him as a 'good thief' as opposed to an out-and-out bad guy. [Roland, you’re some kind of gentleman criminal or something, right? An English Arsène Lupin?]
  49. Because he appreciates her skills with tools. [I’m tagging this reel from your portable movie-making camera for my private collection.]
  50. Because he is always there to back her up. [Never, sir. She just has other plans for her life.]
  51. Because danger means nothing to him if he can please her. [If it means that much to you, I’ll fetch them once you’re done here.]
  52. Because he knows that she is pure and true. [I mean, your instincts guide you toward good. And your heart is strong – it won’t let you be corrupted.]
  53. Because a man of duty is always more reliable. [I stay, because I must.]
  54. Because he is really rather charming. [With a wink, a smile, and a stack of (likely forged) credentials, Roland gains the pair entry into the main room of the Sydney Records Centre.]
  55. Because both of them are really strange. [Part of me is afraid to know how your mind works, and the other part wants to laugh until I sprout chicken feathers.]
  56. Because British restraint is adorable. [Roland is beside himself, albeit in a very restrained and British way. It’s almost cute.]
  57. Because she likes his hair (as opposed to making fun of Sterling Evan's hair). [Now, don’t get electrocuted. It’ll ruin your hair.]
  58. Because she is the Rose to his Jack. [Just hold on, Roland!]
  59. Because she is affected by his moods. [… You sure you’re all right?]
  60. Because he is important to her. [I was so glad to see you safe, Roland. To me, that’s the most important thing.]
  61. Because she wants to keep him around. [Oh, the usefulness nickel? I’d say you still owe me at least a penny. I’ll let you know when you’ve worked it off.]
  62. Because he understands her love for knowledge and refuses to mock her for it. [No, no. We’re all allowed our comfort purchases.]
  63. Because she cannot help wanting to see him. [Go Looking for Roland.]
  64. Because even Aunt Evelyn can see how much Roland caused Sadie to mature. [Ohhhhhh, so that’s why you were so eager to come! A boy you like!]
  65. Because of her Freudian slip. [Oh, please. I’m sure you expect me to faint or drop my bloomers or something…]
  66. Because she flusters him as well. [… Scheherazade, you are a marvel. I’ve never met anyone who could so thoroughly break my composure.]
  67. Because he's caught her; hook, line and sinker. [Oh, that man…! Why do I let him get to me like this! I never get mad at people this quickly! But now that I’ve got a taste of what’s going on, I’ll redouble my efforts to find the Original Ankh.]
  68. Because her rules are broken where he is concerned. [Enjoying some girl time together. Men are not allowed!]
  69. Because Anna is also on his side. [He’s right, Sadie. As they say, gear up!]
  70. Because he lets loose when with her. [Ha! That was marvelous! This is certainly the best day off I’ve had in a long time.]
  71. Because she has changed him. [We’re turning you into an American!]
  72. Because he can change her mood for the better with just a few simple words. [And with that, Sadie gives up on shopping.]

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