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Besides, they didn’t do it alone. Someone helped them come up with all the clues, after all.

Ruddy is a prominent character in 1931.


New York

New Orleans


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  • It's strongly implied that Ruddy helped finance Annaliese Weber's wedding with the condition that it be while Sadie is in Turkey.
  • Rüdeger likes to create puzzles for Sadie; as well as several references in dialogue with Aunt Evelyn and within Sadie's active memories, this is reflected in the lowest level of Knowledge Type Inspiration, 'Childhood with Ruddy', which boosts Cryptography and Problem Solving.
  • Rüdeger is an ordinary German name (the English equivalent would be 'Roger'), and of course von, while no longer as significant as it once was, has survived the decline of aristocracy, but Prenzwald appears to be entirely fabricated - possibly inspired by any or none of the following:
    • There is a Prenzlauer Berg locality in Berlin
    • 'Prenz' is a known surname; Wald is also a known surname, and place name, meaning "wood" or "forest"; for example, the 'Black Forest cake' that Ruddy so enjoys is named after der Schwarzwald.
    • 'prenz' is an obscure form of the French for "take"

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