I almost can’t believe we’ve landed in New York!

Scheherazade new york

New York with locations

Aunt Evelyn's ApartmentEdit

[from the start]

  • Take the Bigglesworth Adventure
    • Why must it be so hard to get any work done? I wonder if I could hire another butler to counter Evelyn's butler
  • Help Bigglesworth Tidy Up
    • Oh, it's no trouble. Besides, I'd feel guilty if I let you waste an entire afternoon cleaning Dad's ceremonial daggers on your own. Watch out for that one, Bigglesworth. I think Dad said it was poisoned.
  • Talk Egypt with Evelyn

[July 1, morning]

[August 4, morning]

  • Adventure with Evelyn
    • I have just embraced a terrible idea. Oh, dear. I hate it when Aunt Evelyn gets overstimulated.
  • Nap
    • Sleep. Sleep is good. Then, when I get up, I'll clean the junk out of my closets, I swear.

[September 21, morning]

  • Help Evelyn with Party Invitations
    • Auntie, we're not inviting an entire baseball team. You know what happened last time. I vote we prioritize people who won't throw up outside my bedroom door.

[December 8, morning]

Beneath New YorkEdit

[from the start]

  • Explore Rumors of Strange Cults
    • This always makes me feel closer to Dad. Excuse me? Mister subway worker? Did you hear someone call out to Yarla-Golgorath just now?
  • Play Cards with the Cut-Throat Men Who Live in the Tunnels
    • It's fun to gamble with dangerous people; they're harder to read. I don't know what they taught you in prison, Three-Fingers, but it sure wasn't poker. Pay up!

[June 24, afternoon]

  • Take the Subway to Visit Felix
    • I'm sure the boy could use some company! Okay, Felix. Where has the Professor sent you to scavenge from equipment today?

[after completing The Serpent Empire Adventure (Part 1)]

  • Search for Other Raeks Artifacts
    • What are the odds that plate tectonics will try to kill me twice? These paintings on the tunnel walls seem Raeks-y... but fresh.

[if you have beaten Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure]

  • Explore Abandoned Tunnels with Ahmose
    • Okay, it's not necessarily a step up from the museum, but at least he's getting out. Okay, remember: the most important thing to know about subway tunnels is to get to cover when you see lights moving your way.

BroadwayNew York BroadwayEdit

[April 5, morning]

  • Brace for a Trip Upstate
    • It's nice to get out of the city every so often. At least I'm getting some time away from Aunt Evelyn's pet urchin.

[from the start]

  • See Any Revue with Any Kind of Magic Act
  • Get a Cab Before Anyone Else Can Get it
    • My competitive nature is engaged! POUNCE!

[August 4, if Sadie completed Egypt: The Main Adventure]

NOTE: Two separate events must be activated to complete this stage

[from the start]

  • Sing in the Rain
    • I'm happy again! Somebody should make a film like this in twenty years or so!

BrooklynNew York BrooklynEdit

[from the start]

  • Avoid Ex-Boyfriends from High School
    • There's a break-up I don't want to relive. Oh, look. It's Howard 'No Girlfriend of Mine Is Going to Waste Time in a Library' Reilly.
  • Go to Ballet Lessons
    • Even if I'm tall and archaeology-bound, I still believe in practice! Miss? Is it possible to dislocate a hip?

[September 21, morning]

[if you have beaten Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure] (two events)

Central ParkNew York Central ParkEdit

[June 1, afternoon]

[from the start]

  • Work at a Soup Kitchen
    • Maybe I'm not saving the world, but at least I won't go to bed feeling guilty. Oh, don't worry! I didn't cook this myself! You can tell from the way nobody's sick.
  • Scare off the Hoodlums Who Hassle the Homeless
    • Time to vent some righteous anger! And don't you come back!

[August 4, morning]

Chrysler BuildingEdit

[from the start]

  • Look Down from On High
    • There's only one way to deal with a fear of heights. I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not afraid of heights…
  • Think about Mom and Dad
    • This is a good place to let one's mind wander. I miss you guys.
  • Consider the Keating Legacy
    • I won't let you down, Mom and Dad. I promise. I think I'm off to a good start in my career...I'll find you guys. Wherever you are.

[If on Felix's Dream route]

  • Daydream about Felix
    • If I can't stop thinking about him, I might as well see what comes of it. I really have to drag him up here one of these days. He'd like the view.

[If on Ahmose's Dream route]

  • Daydream about Ahmose
    • I really have to get that mummy out of the museum and up here. The view's amazing. Kheper, I'm begging you. I don't care how romantic the music is, stop singing.

[If on Roland's Dream route]

  • Daydream about Roland
    • I wonder if they have views like this in London... Darn it, where's an international man of action when you need him? It's lonely up here...

[If on Nigel's Dream route]

  • Daydream about Nigel
    • I guess this is more dignified than mooning around his office. I wonder if Nigel's ever been up here. Chilly, but it might make for a fun date.

[If on Sterling's Dream route]

  • Daydream about Sterling
    • I wonder what that lunatic's doing now. It's probably stupid and reckless and I wish I were there. Sadie Evans. Hm. I wonder if I could get him to change his last name to Keating instead.

[from the start]

  • Look out over the City
    • I can see for miles! Which way am I looking? Is that the Hudson or the East River?
  • Write Furious Letters to Congressmen
    • From here, I can almost see how to fix the Depression. Dear Senator Blowhard, I know long words confuse you, but…

Cotton ClubNew York HarlemEdit

[from the start]

  • Go Dancing with Anna
    • Defend this patch of dance floor with your life! Anna, I'll give you a quarter if you join me in a can-can. Shiny quarter, Anna!
  • Show Aunt Evelyn New Dance Moves
    • Isn't this how most aunts and nieces bond? Aunt Evelyn, most gentlemen complain if you grab their bottoms while they dance.

[If on Nigel's route]

  • Check in with Professor Hemsworth

[after the Library segment of 'The Central Park Dig']

[September 21, morning]

  • Begin Anna's Adventure
    • Let's see what Anna is up to! I just hope she doesn't want to play dominoes again.

Fifth AvenueEdit

[from the start]

  • Watch the Horses and Riders Come and Go through Engineers’ Gate
    • Sometimes it's just nice to watch the horses. Oh, look at the poise.

[March 14, morning]

  • Look into Family History with Turkey

[from the start]

  • Brave Department Store Crowds
    • Shop against the tide! Yes, I'm sure it's a lovely fragrance. Please stop squirting it at me.
  • Help Anna Shop
    • Look at all these bags! You don't need a friend, you need a mule! Next time, I vote we drag Felix along.
  • Practice Sex Appeal
    • Let's do this, dressing room mirror! And sway my hip and flutter my eyes and oh my God I'll die alone.

Grand Central StationEdit

[from the start]

  • Study While Waiting on Late Trains
    • This is why I always have homework on me! Applesauce! How's a girl supposed to work on noun declensions with all these trains going by?
  • Explore the Station
    • It's always good to have escape routes planned out. Ooh. I wonder how I could get up there!

[January 25, morning (if The Main Adventure in Peru has been completed)]

  • The Professor wants to meet me and Steven? Together? Begin a Hunt for the Fountain of Youth

[from the start]

  • Entertain Anna While She Waits for a Train
    • She... um... did remember the time, right? As far as you know? Want to make up more lies about our professors? I say Wolfram's from a thugee* cult.

HospitalNew York HospitalEdit

[from the start]

  • Volunteer at the Hospital
    • Whatever needs doing. Hello, mop, my old friend. We meet again.
  • Investigate Unsolved Crimes
    • Everybody has a few odd hobbies. Can I talk to the man who said he was bitten by a vampire?
  • Sit on a Bench and Feed Stray Animals

[March 14, afternoon]

NOTE: Unlocked by 'Go Looking for Roland' (see below)

  • Prepare for the Spy Adventure in Turkey
    • Now, how do we find the Original Ankh?This is Spy Turkey, not Spy Main. (sounds like a developer comment instead of a quote from Sadie)

[June 26, afternoon, all later 'Drop in on Sterling' capers in New York will appear here]

LibraryNew York LibraryEdit

[from the start]

  • Read Up on 19th Century Magic Acts
    • I believe in research - even when it comes to card tricks. Ooh! Photographs of the Great Giavanni from '89! Nice!

[from August 4, morning; again upon each return from a trip]

  • Go Looking for Roland

[after 1st 'Central Park Dig']

[December 8, morning]

  • Digging in the Library

[March 14, morning]

  • Explore the Film Industry


[January 25, morning]

NOTE: Only appears if Part 1 was completed

  • Pursue a Special Project with Anna

[from the start]

  • Hammer Professors with Relentlessly Deep and Insightful Questions
    • I take my studies very seriously. I know your office hours technically ended back when the sun was out, but I'm almost done!

[June 24, afternoon]

[August 4, morning]

  • Investigate an Australian Mystery
    • Don't leave me hanging. What does the platypus have to do with archaeology? The Professor's on to something here, isn't he?

[August 15, morning - after the Main Adventure 'rest' option]

OperaNew York OperaEdit

[from the start]

  • Take in Some Verdi
    • Time to practice Italian the old-fashioned way! Okay, that's the best Alfredo Germont I've ever seen. Hands down.
  • Talk to the Great and the Good in the Lobby
    • Ack! Another swarm of Aunt Evelyn's friends! I'm sorry, Lady Worplesdon, I'd love to meet your nephew, but I'm afraid I just had some bad haddock.

​[August 4, morning]

  • Look for Nigel at the Opera
    • I think this is where the Professor goes when his neighbors get too loud. Oh, God, Wagner. Cue flashbacks to childhood with Ruddy's phonograph.
  • Sneak into the Opera with Sterling
    • I think he said this is where he goes when he needs to annoy Nigel... Hi, Sterling. I kinda thought I'd find you climbing in through the props room window.
  • Lurk in the Opera Lobby with Roland
    • I've never met anyone as good at people-watching as this guy. What do you think, Roland? She his wife or his daughter?

The Streets of New YorkEdit

​[January 25, morning]

  • Hit the Speakeasies with Evelyn

[from the start]

  • Pursue a Special project with Anna
  • Buy Broken Things from Pawn Shops and Fix Them
    • I'm going to figure out how watches work. Ooh. Can I also buy one of those tiny screwdrivers jewelers use?
  • Scour Bookstores for New Non-Fiction
    • I'm going to broaden my horizons today if it kills me! What do you have that's dry and ponderous and hard to get through?
  • Catch a Movie
    • I don't see anyone I know. Time to watch a torrid romance! The next person to talk while Maurice Chevalier sings gets a purse to the head!

UpstateNew York UpstateEdit

[April 5, morning]

NOTE: unlocked by Brace for a Trip Upstate (Broadway)

  • Head Upstate
    • It's nice to get out of the city every so often. I wonder if I can stow Johnny as luggage.

[January 25, morning, if on Sterling's route]

NOTE: Two events; must be activated twice to complete this stage

[from the start]

  • Visit Anna’s Family Stables
    • These are the fastest, craziest horses I know. Wow, Anna. Your mom's still breeding them mean, isn't she?
  • Nap in Evelyn’s House Upstate
    • Oh, it's good to get away from Manhattan for a while. Oh, sleep. I've missed you so.
  • Do Some Work at Evelyn’s Country House
  • Indulge in Some Hobby Time

Trivia Edit

  • *There is a minor spelling error in Sadie's joke to Anna regarding Professor Wolfram. The Anglicized form is thuggee or tuggee. From the Sanskrit for 'concealment' or Hindi for 'deceit', it describes a renegade cult of the goddess Kali, whose members roamed the Indian sub-continent from no later than the 14th century C.E. until they were (supposedly) wiped out in the 19th century -- all the while tricking, strangling, robbing and burying hapless travelers. (This is the origin of thug in English.)

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