Why, good evening, ma chèrie! How are you doing this fine, fine night? Care for a drink?

Mr. Saturday is a minor character in 1931.

In The Quickfinger Adventure, Sadie summons him at The Crossroads, and in Felix: The New Orleans Adventure, he helps Sadie stop an assassination attempt.

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New Orleans

Trivia Edit

  • In Ahmose: The New Orleans Adventure, Ahmose dresses up as Mr. Saturday and this sprite is used to represent him, but it is not actually Mr. Saturday.
  • Though Felix: The New Orleans Adventure can be completed before The Quickfinger Adventure and vice versa, Sadie does not act as if she recognizes Mr. Saturday even though she may have seen him before.
  • Mr. Saturday addresses himself as 'Baron Samedi' in Sadie's thoughts. The witches in Ahmose: The New Orleans Adventure address Mr. Saturday (Ahmose dressed up as Mr. Saturday) as Baron Samedi, and Vincent Savoie does as well. Sadie read in a book that Baron Samedi is the Loa of the Dead and that he, "exists in the realms between the living and the dead. After a person dies, he digs their grave and then leads their soul to the underworld."
  • In common lore, Baron Samedi 'accepts' people into the realm of the dead though he can also help with resurrection and healing. He also makes sure that corpses rot so that they cannot be brought back as zombies.