I'm bored. This train smells funny. This trip is all wet. Where are we going again?

Johnny McMurray is a local boy whose family has been hit hard by The Great Depression. Evelyn has taken it upon herself to try to invite Johnny out and make his life better, often having Sadie do things with him instead. Sadie and Johnny bicker a lot as they each find the other annoying. However, by the end of The Adventure Upstate, Johnny and Sadie make amends and become friends.


New York

Trivia Edit

  • Johnny frequently calls things 'all wet'. Ironically, if the player chooses to beat the final obstacle in The Adventure Upstate with Moxie instead of Negotiation, Sadie will say 'If you kill Steven, it won't be... gippy. It'll be totally all wet.'. This snaps him out of his trance and he hugs Sadie, solidifying their friendship.
  • There are two achievements that directly involve Johnny: 'Babysitter' and 'Strange Circles'.

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