• Sonic-nancy-fan

    I have a huge announcement for the wiki. ALLLLL of the obstacle difficulties are now listed. That means Easy, Medium, and Hard mode difficulties are listed for every caper, including the guys' main adventures and The Main Adventure itself.

    This was a huge undertaking, it it took a really long time to do it. Becuse of that, I am sure I made a mistake somewhere. If anyone notices anything, let me know (or go and fix it if you feel like it).

    A note for obstacle difficulties

    ALLLLL obstacle difficulties assume these things in this order:

    1. You started the caper with 0 stress
    2. You chose whatever option got you the most relationship/dream points
    3. You chose whatever option got you the least amount of stress
    4. You did not rest during a caper unless the rest wa…
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  • Desiderastus

    lesson learned?

    August 30, 2017 by Desiderastus

    Even on Easy mode, and as early as Egypt, and mostly using my fresh and painstaking reference chart, I was still surprised I didn't quite have time for all the capers (Roland's was left unlocked but unstarted - i didn't even have time to get the proper cards to push through his Red Obstacles.)

    Granted, I did insist on getting quite a few minor skill points even when the difficulty was too high to do it with just one Inspiration - mostly where I don't expect to be spending time on Expansion, like with Dodge & Awareness ... but ultimately it only makes sense to do that when Failure will make a future Obstacle one card harder to pass (because otherwise, the turn to get the extra card could have just as well been spent Expanding two Skills by at l…

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  • Desiderastus

    Checking in

    August 23, 2017 by Desiderastus

    I'll only be dabbling around while I finish a few more playthroughs to subdue the Steam Achievement itch.  Following that, I'll be happy to get stuck into the missing details and fleshings-out and what-not.

    In the meantime I would be awfully grateful for any suggestions on coding tutorials and/or pointers on what to look for in the greater quest to fix the broken and unnecesarily hidden bits of the game.


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  • Sonic-nancy-fan

    Here is a description of the current status of the wiki as of April 7 2017.

    • All sprites are uploaded
    • Most capers the sprites are part of are linked

    • All capers are listed
    • The Main Adventure page has all necessary information, it just needs polishing
    • Newspapers are on every page
    • Roland, Felix, and Nigel's guides have the relationship points listed and have been checked for having at least 100 relationship points listed. Sterling has 98 listed (and two others accounted for; it's a weird situation and I am waiting for the next Steam update to figure out if we found all of his points, so just ignore his relationship points for now).
    • Diary entries have been added for all side capers
    • Easy difficulty is included for all capers

    • All capers are listed

    • Check th…

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  • Sonic-nancy-fan

    Currently, I seem to be the only fairly active member of this wiki and while I would not mind contributing more, this game is so long that it is daunting for one person to fill out information about all the capers and possible paths one can take. If anyone is willing to help the wiki, please do. Thanks~

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