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1932 {name tentative} is the planned sequel to 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum. Until the game comes out, this page will document all known information about the sequel. All information will have a link to the source. Remember, all information is tentative and may change in the future.

Possible spoilers for 1931 may be listed below. Only read if you have beaten at least Ahmose's Dream or Friendship route.

Known Information Edit

  • Zul al Zan will be a romanceable option[1]
  • Events happen even if Sadie does not see them. This means, even if you don’t do Ahmose’s route, the Ruby Eye still gets stolen, but Sadie isn’t there to get it back. However, BCS said that ‘Depending on what you do, there’s still hope’. So, that means that in the sequel, how you are able to save Ahmose without ever meeting him will probably be discussed.[2]
  • BCS has outlines for Scheherazade at least until 1945[3]
  • Your character and choices will carry forward, meaning Sadie’s stats and all of the capers finished will be acknowledged in the sequel.[4]
  • 1932 has been plotted and some writing has been done[5]
  • There are several projects planned to be released before 1932[6]
    • One of these projects is Victory Belles.[7]

References Edit