Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Things started off magnificently yesterday when Aunt Evelyn and I went on a jungle cruise. Even when we had to unexpectedly put to shore, it was absolutely beautiful, with colorful animals and plants and flowers… an absolutely beautiful walk. Too beautiful, actually, as I ended up wandering off the path and getting separated from the group.

Luckily, I bumped into a local named Ramiro, whose family keeps the paths clear for tourists. He suggested taking me to his treehouse base, but en route we slipped and fell down the side of a sloping cliff. To our surprise, we found some ancient remains of houses or other structures built into the cliffside. Using some vines, I swung over onto one of the balconies and found a wooden door surrounded by carvings from the Wari tribe, the precursors to the Inca. Ramiro knew how to interpret them and gave me directions on how to open the door; while he tried to go get help, I moved deeper into the tunnel beyond.

I then found what a small world it really is when I happened across some more Wari carvings with a notebook discarded beside them… a notebook written by Ruddy back in 1922! On the other side of the tunnel, I discovered a large Wari temple complex with an old digsite of Ruddy's. Apparently they were searching for some sort of “tear of the gods” or star or meteorite, but he'd given up after his workers turned out to be incompetent. On a whim, I started digging in one of the ditches and uncovered a strange stone, almost like obsidian, that was warm to the touch.

Sadly, before I could take in any more, Ramiro came back to collect me; he hadn't found anyone, and we needed to get inside before night fell. We walked through the jungle for ages until we finally came upon a treehouse with a radio… which only worked when I brought the stone close to it. We radioed for help, and Aunt Evelyn and the staff came to rescue me.

Back on the ship, Aunt Evelyn was upset about how things had gone, and she made a sudden comment… that Ruddy had been the one who suggested taking me on this voyage. Did he know this was going to happen? This is the third unusual gemstone I've found… is this all part of some greater plot?